Dressing for You! A Leg Up on Leggings

Updated: May 23, 2020

The Dressing for You series celebrates your beautiful body and helps you highlight it through fashion!

Isn't it so amazing to look around and see women in all different shapes and sizes? I used to feel like fashion was so limiting and left the majority of women out when it came to popular styles and trends - but LuLaRoe has made it their mission to make fashion inclusive to all!

I've mentioned before that prior to LuLaRoe I was a bonafide "jeans and a t-shirt" kind of girl, but then something magical happened - LuLaRoe buttery-soft leggings! You see, leggings aren't new to the fashion industry - they've been around for hundreds of years, serving multiple functions. Even so, some ladies aren't quite sure leggings are for them, their bodies, or their lives. I'm here to tell you - they are, and I'm going to show you how!

Tunic Top + Leggings: Is your body shape more pear or apple? If so, then a tunic top with leggings is a great combination! Selecting a top that fits at the shoulders and bust and then flows away at the waist is your best choice when wearing with leggings. This creates more of an hourglass shape and may cover anything you carry in your stomach or tush area that you want concealed. Have fun with color combinations and patterns! If your legs are on the thinner side - pick a bold print to add some volume and visual interest! This outfit is great for everyday wear, running errands, playing with your kids, or a casual night out!

Dresses + Leggings: Do you work in a more professional field that requires you to dress

up? Leggings are perfect when paired with dresses!! They are a great fix to a dress that may be a little too short for the occasion/location, a fun alternative to standard tights, and a comfy addition to a more formal outfit. Grab a pair of solid leggings to wear to the workplace or with a busier print, or try out a graphic print to pattern mix for a date night or party! Dresses and leggings are great for every body shape and age!

Business Casual + Leggings: While seemingly casual, there are many ways to dress up your leggings. One of the simplest, and a favorite way of mine, is to add a cardigan to my look. I've found that a good cardigan and class up even the most casual of looks and take it up a notch. Another way to style your leggings to make them more office appropriate is to wear a more tailored shirt with them. I love the button-down style of the Valentina and simply size up to get appropriate proportions with leggings.

Prints, Solids, and Length + Leggings: Deciding which leggings to wear requires more thought than you're probably aware of. Not only is it a matter of your personal taste, but consideration of the look you're going for, and the location you'll be wearing your leggings, are also very important. Big and bold prints look great on most body shapes (if you are petite, they can overpower you, so stick with monochromatic prints if going for bold), but aren't the most appropriate for the workplace or paired with other bold prints. Solids are always in style, look great with other solids or patterns, and will be appropriate for any occasion. Grab a dark pair to create a slimming look. Small patterns, in the same color family, are a great way to add some fun to any outfit and test out pattern mixing. Finally, cuffing your leggings for a more cropped appearance is a great way for my shorter ladies to add some height. It may seem counterproductive, but showing that little bit of ankle creates longer legs!

Footwear + Leggings: Lastly, what footwear you choose is the easiest way to dress up or down your leggings. Pairing tall boots (riding or over-the-knee) with your solid or patterned leggings creates a more sophisticated and put-together look. This is a great way to bring leggings into the workplace, classroom, or place of worship. Ankle booties or dressy sandals create a casual and fun look - perfect for a more relaxed office, running errands, or date night. More casual shoes like tennis shoes, Toms, or flip flops are great for creating a more athleisure and relaxed look to your leggings.

These are few tips and tricks to help you style your favorite LuLaRoe leggings for any occasion. Regardless of body shape, life stage, or style - there's always a new way to add leggings to your look and feel confident and comfortable with what you're wearing.

This is pt 4 of the Dressing for You series! Check back next week for our final segment of this series!

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