Dressing for You! ADRESSing Your Height

The Dressing for You series celebrates your beautiful body and helps you highlight it through fashion!

Isn't it so amazing to look around and see women in all different shapes and sizes? I used to feel like fashion was so limiting and left the majority of women out when it came to popular styles and trends - but LuLaRoe has made it their mission to make fashion inclusive to all!

Some ladies are lucky enough to find they have a few extra inches on me (or at least I think they are lucky), but this means they face different fashion hurdles then I do. These could include finding balance in your stature, trying to establish curves, balancing patterns, or knowing what to emphasize. After talking with my more vertically inclined friends, I've come up with some great fashion fixes to help address these!

Long-line Tops - If your legs are longer than your torso, pairing a long-lined, or tunic, top over slim-fitted pants helps create balance to your stature.

Pencil Skirts - If your torso is longer than your legs, wearing a fitted pencil skirt with a tucked in top creates a longer leg-line and also creates balance between the upper and lower body.

Asymmetric Hem Lines - The flow of an asymmetric hem creates proportion to longer legs. This can also be achieved by a slit or the flow of a button-down shirt dress or wrap dress (hello Ellie and Michelle!).

Skinny Jeans - Get yourself a pair! Seriously though, skinny jeans are often cut longer than other styles, and they also emphasize the length of your legs and ground your look. If you've got the legs, show them off girl!

Embrace Your Curves - Knotting, belting, or buttoning at your waist creates and embraces your curves. This creates a more proportionate body shape and balance between your torso and your legs.

Play with Patterns - A taller frame can carry bold patterns and pattern- mixing without being overwhelmed. While dressing in monochromatic tones will emphasize your height, breaking it up with fun patterns is a great way to create balance while highlighting specific features.

These are a couple of simple ways help all my tall ladies balance their looks and play with fashion! Remember, embrace all that you are - take advantage of your height and find ways that work for you to showcase every inch! You are beautiful!

This is pt 3 of the Dressing for You series! Check back next week for pt 4!

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