Dressing for You! Creating the Illusion of Height

Updated: May 23, 2020

The Dressing for You series celebrates your beautiful body and helps you highlight it through fashion!

Isn't it so amazing to look around and see women in all different shapes and sizes? I used to feel like fashion was so limiting and left the majority of women out when it came to popular styles and trends - but LuLaRoe has made it their mission to make fashion inclusive to all!

We each have different parts of our body that we either want to emphasize, or maybe downplay. I'm the first to say that I'd add a few inches if I could, but we all know that's not how it works! Instead, I use fashion to create the illusion of longer legs and more height - and pick silhouettes or prints that can help me achieve this!

Vertical Stripes - Adding vertical stripes to your upper-half creates the illusion of a long torso and leads the eye up to your face! Wearing vertical stripes on your lower half elongates the legs. This is especially true if paired with a solid colored top that ends at your natural waist, or slightly above. The break in color and pattern will make it appear like your legs go on for days! Vertical stripes are the easiest way to trick the eye into creating that long and lean figure!

Cropped Jackets - Like I mentioned above, pairing a shorter top (one that fits to your natural waist or slightly above), draws the eyes to the length of your legs and creates an illusion of height. This is an incredibly easy way to add height without worrying about patterns!

Front Tucks/Knotting - And on the same note, it's all about the length of the legs when you draw attention to the smallest part of your body and and nip in at your natural waist. Front tuck your favorite tee into you high-waisted jeans or skirt, or knot a tee over your favorite skirt/dress to create that hour-glass illusion and re-direct attention to your legs!

These are just a few tips to help you create height where you might not have it, and emphasize it if you do! Regardless of how tall or short you are, remember you're beautiful and you should celebrate every inch!

This is pt 1 of the Dressing for You series! Check back next week for pt 2!

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