Dressing for You! Highlighting your Curves

Updated: May 23, 2020

The Dressing for You series celebrates your beautiful body and helps you highlight it through fashion!

Isn't it so amazing to look around and see women in all different shapes and sizes? I used to feel like fashion was so limiting and left the majority of women out when it came to popular styles and trends - but LuLaRoe has made it their mission to make fashion inclusive to all!

Highlighting a woman's curves has become a trademark look throughout fashion. Tall or short, plus, average, or slim - creating emphasis on the natural waist makes a woman's body look proportionate and feminine. It also creates the illusion of height and draws attention up towards the woman's face. If you're a curvy woman, now is the time to embrace those curves and show off that physique - and if you find that your body has more straight lines - don't fret!! Through these simple fashion tips, you can create (and celebrate) the illusion of curves and rock what your mama gave you!

Belting - The oldest trick in the books! The easiest way to create the hourglass illusion (or highlight it), it to add a belt over your outfit. The belt cinches in your waist and highlights the smallest part of your body, It also creates a physical waistline if your body is more straight and elongates your legs.

Peplum - Wearing a peplum top is a great way to create or emphasize natural curves because they are built into the style of the top! A peplum typically features a seam at the natural waist drawing the eye in, and then flares out with a soft ruffle. This covers any bulk you may have, while also creating a curve at the hip - which is especially helpful for women with straighter body shapes.

Wrap Dress/Top - One of my favorite ways to highlight my curves is by wearing a wrap dress (my favorite is obviously the Michelle!) or wrap top. It creates the classic hour-glass figure, regardless of your natural body shape, and feels flirty and feminine. As an added bonus, not only do you get the cinching in at your waist - the wrap creates a deep v-neck which highlights both your face and draws emphasis on your cinched in waist line!

Color-Blocking - The last trick to creating the illusion of curves is by playing with color-blocking. You can do this both vertically and horizontally! In order to color-block your look horizontally, you need to select one color for your top half and a second for your bottom. This draws attention to your waist where the two colors meet - instantly creating a curve to the body.

Color-blocking vertically can be done by pairing a solid with a horizontal stripe. I do this by keeping the solid as my base piece and then using a striped cardigan or jacket overtop. The solid nips me in by creating a vertical line down by body and the stripes create an optical illusion of curves.

I hope you'll give a couple of these tricks a try to play up your gorgeous curves, or to create some where you want! Regardless of your body's shape, remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and you should celebrate every bit of it!

This is pt 2 of the Dressing for You series! Check back next week for pt 3!

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