Dressing for You! Taking Control of your Closet

The Dressing for You series celebrates your beautiful body and helps you highlight it through fashion!

Isn't it so amazing to look around and see women in all different shapes and sizes? I used to feel like fashion was so limiting and left the majority of women out when it came to popular styles and trends - but LuLaRoe has made it their mission to make fashion inclusive to all!

For the past 5 weeks we've looked at various fashion tips and tricks to fit any body shape or size. As I've worked on this series, I took a really long, hard look at my own wardrobe and dressing habits. I have quite the full closet (Jeff might say overflowing!) and a major perk of this job is that I constantly have the newest styles and trends at my fingertips! But this can be a problem too!

It's way too easy to pick up something because you love how it looks in a picture or on a mannequin and then never wear it because it's not right for you. Maybe that magazine in line at Target told you that animal print was the hot trend of the season so you scooped up every piece you could - only to find out it doesn't make you feel confident when you wear it. Perhaps you splurged on that really expensive designer piece, but now it sits in your closet because the style doesn't quite fit your style. As the final segment of our "Dressing for You" series, we're going to discuss shopping with confidence and taking control of your closet. These tips are vital to creating a style and wardrobe that is uniquely you and will highlight all features you want them too!

The first step is to take control of your closet and there are a few KEY questions that you need to ask yourself as you're doing this. Does this item fit me NOW (not +/- 10lbs)? Is this piece appropriate for my age/stage in life? Is this piece in style (doesn't have to be on the pages of a fashion magazine, but should be relevant to 2020)? Does it fit and am I comfortable in this piece (without major alterations, minor tailoring is never a bad thing)? Can I style this with at least 2 other pieces in my closet (versatility is key)? How do I feel when I put this piece on (it should make you feel confident, comfortable, and happy)? And lastly, is there an emotional response to this particular item, although I may not wear it frequently (ex: wedding dress, celebratory outfit, Dad's old shirt, etc.)

After answering these questions take some time to look through all the items that you've selected to keep. What are some common trends within these pieces (cuts/fits that flatter you, color palette that you're drawn to, styles you prefer)? What holes are there when considering each aspect of your life (do you need more workwear, a few more dresses, some casual items, a solid sweater, etc)? Make a list of your "common trends" and you "wardrobe holes" (your phone is a great tool for this), because now it's time to shop!

In order to shop confidently, you need to know what it is you're looking for, and what styles will fit your body. This is where your lists come in handy. Take the extra time while you shop to look for those pieces that will not only fill your "wardrobe holes," but also follow the "common trends" within your wardrobe. Remember, this isn't meant to be confining - there are always exceptions!

Fashion is about celebrating YOU and your clothes should do exactly that!

If you find a piece or two that are a bit out there or special - simply make sure that it can be tied in with at least one other piece of your existing wardrobe - or you have at least 2 occasions to wear it - or it might not be the best purchase. Budgeting so you can splurge on a piece of designer wear - invest in denim or a good jacket - pieces that are timeless and can be worn across multiple seasons (and years). Want to create more versatility in your current wardrobe - find classic pieces (solids or classic cuts) that can be swapped in and out with more unique items (ex: solid dress over printed leggings, chunky sweater over classic button-down, colored denim with a knotted tee).

Regardless of the pieces you're shopping for, think about the tips we've covered in this series to style basics, create height, highlight your curves, and establish balance - these will help you identify which styles are best for your body! Remember that clothing looks different on every body and find the pieces that not only fit yours - but make you feel like the beautiful woman that you are! I hope that through the "Dressing for You" series I've given you some great tools to help you dress comfortably and confidently in your body regardless of shape or size, age or stage!

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