Pattern Mixing 101: Demystifying the Mix

Quite possibly my favorite part of this job is the community that we've built. This past week, while engaging with the amazing ladies that make up this community, I found there were a lot of questions surrounding the idea of pattern mixing. Some commented that they enjoyed to pattern-mix in their daily wardrobes, some where hesitant about trying, and some felt completely lost about where to even begin! Today I've pulled together my tried-and-true tips for pattern mixing, and I promise with a little bit of trial and error, and a lot of fun, you can step out of your comfort zone and embrace the mix!!

Tip 1: Let the print work for you!

Not sure where to start when looking through your closet? You can dip your toe into the pattern-mix pond by looking for a piece that already features two prints. The easiest way to know if a pattern works with another is to look at current fashion trends. You will be hard-pressed to shop any retailer these days and not find pattern-mixing on a mannequin or in an online ad. It's everywhere and we can use that to our advantage! Look at what is paired together, and what comes pre-printed with two prints. Try out a top with a subtle mix and add. a piece of statement jewelry to make it your own.

Tip 2: Textures are a pattern all their own!

A simple textured mix is an easy way to introduce yourself to the world of pattern mixing! Pick an existing pattern from your wardrobe, and pair it with a layering pice with a different texture. This could be a chunky boyfriend sweater (Lucille), gauzy kimono (Shirley), slinky cardigan (Caroline), or lacy overlay (Chloe). The juxtaposition of the two textures creates a subtle pattern-mix that is easy to wear and easy to handle if bolder prints aren't your thing. Not sure what to pick? Look for complementary colors to pull the two pieces together!

Tip 3: Stripes are your friends!

Mixing stripes with another pattern is the logical next step on your pattern-mixing journey. In fact, my first attempt at pattern-mixing was with a subtle striped cardigan and a floral tee - and to this day it's still one of my favorite combinations! Choose a neutral stripe (think grey, black, white, or navy), or one with a complementary color to tie to the pattern of your choice. Stripes and polka dots are your gateway mixing options as they tend to work with almost all other prints (aztec, floral, geometric, or camo). Pro tip: I'd steer clear of mixing them with other striped patterns (plaids, houndstooth, check) or you may have an optical illusion on your hands!

Tip 4: Always look for balance.

Whenever you are experimenting with fashion, finding a balance is key! This is incredibly true with pattern-mixing! Start with pairing a small print and a larger, a neutral with a bold, and finding complementary colors and tones. The more comfortable you become with mixing, the bolder you can go - adding in more than two prints, playing up your accessories, or adding a bolder color palette. The options are endless and completely personal to your style!

Pattern-mixing isn't just for the fashionistas of the world, it's something that you can easily incorporate into your own style and with your own wardrobe! No special pieces or accessories needed! I encourage you to take these tips to heart next time you're getting dressed and try a little experiment. Put on those two pieces you've wondered about and look in the mirror. Wear your outfit around the house and see how you feel. Ask yourself: Do I feel beautiful? Do I feel confident? Do I feel like me? Because in the end, that's all I could ever want for you! Fashion is supposed to be fun, so try something new! I have a feeling you'll be glad you did!



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