Quarantined but Cute! Here's Looking at You, Leggings!

Staying home is the new going out!

I don't know about you, but staying home with nowhere to go and no one to see can leave a girl feeling a little...frumpy. I mean, what's the point in dressing up if there isn't anyone to show? Am I right? WRONG!

I've decided that even though I might not be out in the world on the daily (or weekly...or monthly at this point), there is always a reason to put some thought into my outfit and look cute. Simply put, that reason is me! I feel more productive, more present, and more confident when I take a few minutes to put thought into what I'm wearing. It's not about WHO sees me, I'm doing it for ME!

This week we are looking at leggings and how to rock them while you're stuck at home. Leggings are a staple in almost every LuLaRoe ladies' wardrobe. The buttery-soft fabric, no-fail comfort, and abundant array of colors and patterns make them the obvious choice in comfy styles. Being at home doesn't have to mean frump-city, especially if there's some LuLaRoe in your closet!

Now is the time to experiment with a bold print that you might have shied away from before. Give it a go at home where you can play with the styling, add accessories, and check yourself out each time you walk by the bathroom. You might find that the large print, or busy graphic isn't actually as scary as you thought, and gain some new confidence while you're attempting to homeschool, working, virtually socializing, and keeping life as normal as possible. Maybe a print isn't your thing on leggings - bust out all of those gorgeous solids and pair them with new tops. Try some pattern mixing or layer them under your dresses/skirts if you need to look "business ready" for a meeting (insider tip: if you decide to dress business on top and leggings on the bottom, make sure you turn OFF your video conferencing before standing up!!).

There are also a TON of new top styles coming out and this is a great time to introduce one to your wardrobe. Grab an Iris, Olive, Melissa, or Christy (April's Style of the Month) and pair with some comfy leggings instead of jeans. Play with your sizing and styling by cuffing your leggings or going a few sizes up on top and wearing off-shoulder or knotting to create a look that's not only cute but insanely comfortable. Being stuck at home gives each of us an opportunity to play with fashion and work on defining our personal style! You may be quarantined, but I promise you - you can always be cute!

Check back next week for another Quarantined but Cute!

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