Quarantined but Cute! I've Got Something to Rise About!

"If You're Going to Rise, You Might as Well Shine!" - Anonymous

I'm not sure about you, but I've found that having a positive attitude has really helped me, and my family, approach this whole quarantine thing in a much healthier way. Of course we all have our moments. The news can be depressing, the days can be crazy long, the school work can be annoying, and the worry can be overwhelming (especially having someone sick here at home), but I choose to wake up each morning and be thankful that we are here together and can RISE above what is going on.

I may be a broken record by now; but getting up, getting dressed, and showing up for my day plays a HUGE roll in my attitude and my productivity! I always get more done, and feel better about doing it, when I feel put together and confident. Don't you?! One easy way for me to get to, and stay in, a positive space is to plan some fun outfits.

So far in our Quarantined but Cute series we've talked about the convenience of leggings and comfort of joggers, but can we take a minute to address the versatility and style of LuLaRoe's newest athleisure line - RISE? The gym might not be high on my list of places I'm looking forward to heading back to when this is over - but with my RISE pieces, it could be!

The RISE collection features both athletic bottoms (cropped and full length leggings), and tops (tanks, tees, jackets, and even a sports bra) - so all you have to do is add your shoes and your set to go! Built in compression, air-wicking fabric, mesh inserts, and pockets; these are just a few features that make these pieces some of my absolute favorite - and no brainers for our Quarantined but Cute style playlist! And did I mention, they are completely size-inclusive!? LuLaRoe's RISE collection features sizing from XXS-XL,1X, 2X, and 3X! There is something for every body out there!

These seriously are the perfect pieces to mix and match into your existing wardrobe to create both a relaxed and effortless look. Not a gym rat (me neither)? No problem! One of my favorite ways to style my RISE pieces is to incorporate them into outfits I have already put together. Pair a STRONG tank or TENACIOUS cap-sleeve tee with your favorite denim or joggers; grab your FEARLESS or BRAVE compression leggings and throw on your favorite tee (Hudson, Christy, and Elizabeth are fantastic options)! There are endless opportunities to make these pieces work for you and your life!

Accessorizing is another fun way to make an outfit completely your own - and a huge mood booster for me! I LOVE fun jewelry. In fact, you will rarely find me without some kind of oversized, or personalized piece on. Some of my favorite ways to complete an outfit is with statement earrings. When I'm wearing my RISE pieces, they aren't the exception! In fact, finding some fun accessories to pair with these athletic pieces makes them a little less "gym" and a little more "me!"

While we're on the topic of accessories, we can't forget shoes! Probably the best way to make our RISE pieces work for our day-to-day is by styling them with different footwear. No longer are the days of boring black athletic leggings and white sneakers. Now there are so many fun, bright, and bold options to choose from! Casual day at home - grab your favorite sandals. Heading out on a family bike ride or hike - tennis shoes are a must. Kicking back with the family for game night or backyard play - any casual shoe will do! Play with what you have, mixing and matching colors and styles to create something that speaks to you!

Regardless of your fitness level or athletic ability, the RISE collection of athleisure wear has something for everyone. Haven't tried them yet, head over to the group and find out what you've been missing! I have no doubt that once you've given these a try they will be on style repeat throughout the quarantine and beyond.

Check back next week for our final style of Quarantined but Cute!

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