Quarantined but Cute! Jeans Check

"When in doubt, wear denim" - Anonymous

Welcome to day 45 of our quarantine...but who's counting?! How are you doing? Have you found your groove balancing all the things - work, kids, relationships, not binging all the quarantine snacks in one day?! I know it's a daily effort over here to maintain some sense of normalcy, you're not alone!

We've spent the last 3 weeks talking about all the comfies that are perfect to wear right now while we're stuck at home. But this week we're putting a little spin on it! It's time to pull out your denim, dust them off, and shimmy yourself in for a quick jeans check! How do they feel? A little stiff? A little snug? Did you have to give it an extra shake or pull to get them up? Are they pinching and rough after living your best comfy life in relaxing joggers and buttery-soft leggings?

I have a solution for you, and I promise it has nothing to do with putting down that comforting quarantine cookie (because let's be honest, we all need some comfort right now and maybe baking cookies with your kids, or for a neighbor, is the best way for you to have that - we support you!). May I re-introduce you to...LuLaRoe denim!!! Ladies (and gents, if you're reading this, take note for the ladies in your life), it's time to welcome these magical pants into your wardrobe! I'm talking super soft denim material (a Lycra and cotton blend), stretch for days (but only in the right way, no saggy bottoms here), super comfortable control panels to help smooth you out, and best of all - the MAGIC WAISTBAND! While LuLaRoe denim looks like your normal, run-of-the-mill denim to the naked eye; it features a magical waistband with hidden no-gap elastic, amazing stretch capacity, and amazing recovery technology.

LuLaRoe denim has been released in three cuts: standard skinny, bootcut, and ankle skinny - and numerous washes and colors (distressed, standard, black, and colored). They run true-to-size, but most women have been comfortable sizing down one due to the amazing stretch and no-gap waistband. Cuff them, distress them, and pair them with your most comfortable tees - theres nothing these jeans aren't ready for!

Wearing LuLaRoe denim really is the next best thing to leggings or my favorite Jax joggers, and help me to feel put together and fashionable as I go about my day of work or spending time with my boys. If you're ready to feel a little more "normal" while still wearing your comfies - it's time you gave this denim a try. I promise, you'll be so glad you did!

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