Quarantined but Cute! Jumping for Jax!

"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort" - Jane Austen

Another week stuck at home could have me feeling all sorts of blah, but instead I'm taking the time to find all the things that make me smile. Days full of sunshine, listening to my boys laugh as they spend hours outside, messages and calls with the ones I love, and these insanely comfortable clothes that I get to call my work uniform! Last week our "quarantined but cute" looks focused on the buttery-goodness of LuLaRoe leggings, and this week's style - while still amazingly comfortable - is taking our look up a notch!

Leggings are awesome, but sometimes I'm looking for something a little more. A little more comfortable, a little more versatile, a little more fun! I can't be the only one that wants to live in my Jax joggers these days. We're talking all-day comfort (hello elastic waistband and adjustable ankle cuffs), gorgeous prints and stunning solids, and fabric so luxurious it truly feels like you're wearing expensive pajamas! I'm. Here. For. It!

If you haven't ventured into the jogger world, I highly recommend giving a pair a shot - you'll be kicking yourself for waiting so long! Jax joggers are the perfect bridge between athletic-wear, pj sweats, and every-day casual. Heck, you could even dress them up with strappy sandals and a blousy tank during the summer! My go-to combos include pairing with an Amber hoodie and athletic shoes for a more "on-the-go" (to my couch these days) look, or with a front-tucked tee (Iris, Christy, Olive, or Liv) and topped with a light denim jacket or Caroline cardigan for something more casual but business ready!

Sporting your joggers during the quarantine sets you up to conquer whatever the day throws your way. From a quick board meeting in the dining room, to refereeing your kids in the backyard, you're set to go. Don't think too hard about the styling, joggers are meant to be fun and carefree! Play with colors and prints, or try a front or side-tuck with a graphic tee to add some visual interest. Highlight your favorite pair of athletic or fashion sneakers - or go with your favorite flats or sandals. Joggers are the ultimate ease while still making it look . like you thought about your outfit. Remember, you may be quarantined, but I promise you - you can always be cute!

Check back next week for another Quarantined but Cute!

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