Spring Capsule Staples: Dresses

Updated: May 23, 2020

“What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”  -Yves Saint Laurent

It may have just snowed here in Ohio (yes, again...) but I'm bound and determined to live like it's spring and I know the perfect way to do it! We've already gone over my first two spring capsule staples: the denim jacket and the classic button-down - and this week's is one I know you're all familiar with. This staple is perfect all year - but especially for spring, read further and you'll find out why!

Spring Capsule Staple #3: A Simple Dress

If LuLaRoe knows how to do one thing, it's how to make a dress! Seriously, their dresses are so flattering, fashionable, and can fit into every style; making them one of the most versatile and needed items in your wardrobe (that might be why I have a closet full of them)! Regardless of which style is your favorite (Carly, Jessie, Nicki, Dani, Summer...just to name a few) - I have 3 tried-and-true tips for how to style your simple dress to make it perfect for spring!

Knotted T: Feel like your dress is a little too boxy, or doesn't give you the shape that you're looking for? Knot your favorite tee on top! This is such a fun way to play with pattern mixing, give yourself coverage (if needed), and create a more hour-glass appearance. Use a middle-knot right at your natural waist to really cinch you in, or play with a fun side-knot to break up the pattern or length. This works with long- and short-sleeve tops!

Paired with a Kimono: We've already talked about how amazing a dress looks paired with your denim jacket, or your button-down top - but it would be wrong of me not to share one of my all-time-favorite ways to wear a dress. Pair it with a flowy kimono! Nothing says spring like something airy and light, and the LuLaRoe Shirley kimono hits that out of the park! Wearing a kimono with a dress gives it a little extra sophistication and class, making a simple dress perfectly appropriate for the office or date night! Play with the length of your kimono by tying it up, or pairing it with a maxi dress like the LuLaRoe Dani. This will create length and a statuesque appearance! This is also the perfect way to show off your unique style by playing with a bolder print or a fun color palette!

Create Layers with a Cardigan: Still too cold to wear your favorite dress on its own? Top it with an oversized cardigan (my favorite is a Caroline) to add coverage and some visual interest. I will often play around with my patterns when mixing a cardigan with one of my bolder summer print dresses. Please note, I highly recommend only going over-sized with your cardigan if your dress is cinched in at the waist, go for a more cropped cardigan or jacket if your dress is a straight or boxy cut. My favorite options are to wear a belt, knot a tee overtop or wear a dress with an obvious waist-seam (think Nicki or Summer dress). This keeps me from feeling like a box and keeps my cardigan from swallowing me!

A simple dress is also the perfect canvas to play with your accessories. Try out a bold sandal or ankle bootie to highlight or contrast the print. Play with your jewelry (a fun dangly earring or bright necklace) or try a fun hairstyle (you know I love a topknot). Make your outfit completely you and you'll be confident and ready for anything that comes your way!

Check back next week for pt 4 of our newest blog series, Spring Capsule Staples!

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