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I've received so many compliments lately about my hair that I thought what better way to share some of my favorite styles and hair accessories than on the blog! I've been growing my hair out for some time and it's been so fun to play with different styles and looks. Thanks to LIFESTYLE by Ashlee Marie Boutique I've also found some amazing accessories that make even the messiest of buns absolute perfection!

Check out a few of my favs below along with a few tips and tricks for your mane event!

Crunchy Love Co. Stretchy Headbands

These super soft and stretchy headbands have been the perfect addition to every single outfit I own. Polkadots, florals, leopard - oh my! The fabric is buttery soft (sound familiar) and has the perfect amount of stretch without slipping and sliding all over the place. BONUS: it doesn't pinch my ears or give me a headache and it holds my hair perfectly in place - it even survived the lake-test ;)

Style tip: Wear your headband with a ponytail, braid, second-day topknot (or third...or fourth...), or your rock and roll mullet (as seen above!). To keep it from slipping make sure the back lays flat at the base of your head and then adjust the width to your preference! You can catch my bun tutorial in our group page on Facebook!

Sugar Twist Hair Ties

These little miracle workers are one of the secrets to my now famous topknot. They might be small in size (a little larger than the face of my watch), but boy do they stretch, and stretch GOOD! I can wrap these little guys 3x around my bun to get the perfect hold without pulling or stretching my hair out. This is HUGE! The last thing I want is to take my hair down at the end of the day and be pulling out a tangled mess! BONUS: no hair creases!

Emma+flair Hair Coils

A slightly larger/thicker version of the sugar twist hair tie concept. The Emma+flair hair coils are my go-to for a ponytail. I have quite a bit of hair and when I'm out running around and need my hair off my back (but maybe want to put it back down later), I grab one of these large hair coils and pull it up. The larger size allows me to wrap it tighter around the ponytail without it being tight on my scalp. The coils keep everything in place, but never crease so as soon as I'm done I can pull it out and give my hair a shake - good as new!

Style tip: These coil designs have some major bounce-back memory and if you wet with warm water or zap with your hairdryer and leave for a bit, they shrink back down in size and are good to go again and again!

Emma+flair Bow Scrunchie

These adorable, handmade scrunchies are a great accessory to kick your hairstyle up a notch. The founder, Emma, is so sweet and 100% committed to making quality hair accessories for busy ladies. We carry both her regular and bow scrunchies as part of our LIFESTYLE line and love using them for ponytails, buns, or as a wrist accessory! I especially love the bow scrunchies that feature a hand-sewn bow on the top to make your look even more special!

Emma+flair Small Scrunchie Trio

Another adorable creation by Emma+flair that is perfect for your braid or your little ones. These scrunchies are thinner and smaller in size making them the right fit for thinner and shorter hair. The different colors featured in each trio makes them versatile and fun, especially for the smallest fashionistas! Since my boys aren't exactly lining up to let me do their hair - I'll have to live vicariously through all of you girl moms out there as your littles model these fun scrunchies!

Style tip: These scrunchies are the perfect size for the end of my braid and add a little extra pop to my look. They are also big enough to place around a half-up topknot to keep those front hairs out of your face!

I hope that these accessories and tips help you to have confidence and fun with your hairstyles! Live it up, have fun, and celebrate that beauty that is your MANE EVENT!



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